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What A Beautiful Day

My Beautiful Day! I had such a glorious, wonderful, memorable, and beautiful day!  Thursday rolls around and I look at the weather forecast, and to my dismay…more rain!!  Except Friday.  I sat and thought to myself, “you know what April, you deserve a quiet day to yourself.” I totally agreed with that, thanked myself, and got […]

My Wonderful Morning

Wonderful Morning!! And the dreaded alarm goes off.  I wake up and try really hard to remember what day of the week it is.  Then I realize it’s nowhere near Friday, and close my eyes again…  sigh.  I then think to myself, wake up! It’s going to be a wonderful morning!  We have today to […]


My spring time blogging adventure

Spring Time!! It’s finally spring time! My favorite time of the year, and the perfect day to start my blogging adventure.  I’m ready to see all the spring flowers and those beautiful green leaves in the trees.  I love the tulips, anemone, hot pink roses, poppies ( I love red poppies) , and my favorite, […]