What A Beautiful Day

bon secours pond

My Beautiful Day!

I had such a glorious, wonderful, memorable, and beautiful day!  Thursday rolls around and I look at the weather forecast, and to my dismay…more rain!!  Except Friday.  I sat and thought to myself, “you know what April, you deserve a quiet day to yourself.” I totally agreed with that, thanked myself, and got on the computer and took the day off. I felt great, what a sigh of relief. Texted my wonderful friend and set up a lunch date and decided to plan on going to Bons Secours right outside of Baltimore.  Such a beautiful and quiet place. I love it there and I feel so at peace. I went to bed with a smile on my face and all giddy that I could sleep in and relax.

I open my eyes to my beautiful sweet cat meowing in my face. “Oh man, really? To early to feed you.” I then fumbled for my phone to check the time, and realized it was charging in my husbands office. Sat up and squinted at the cable box and kinda made out the number 6 and then the rest was blurry.  SIGH  I’m guessing I wont be sleeping in. I fed Alice and made a cup of black coffee.  I’m so proud of myself, 1/4 cup is all I need now! Tomorrow I will see what happens when I try to go a day without. I jump in the shower, get ready to meet my friend, who by the way is so extremely awesome and uplifting. We have a wonderful lunch then I’m singing in my car on the way to Bon Secours. I go and sit on my favorite bench where I can see the trees on the hill and I’m just there. Nothing else matters. Just the quiet, the birds singing me a song, the bees buzzing around and a noise behind me.  I turn around and there is my favorite geese family. They just walked right over to my bench and enjoyed the beautiful green grass. So sweet!  I opened up my book, started to read, thought of my wonderful husband, and just enjoyed. Of course I had to meditate! You cannot not meditate in a place like that. After two beautiful hours, I headed back home and received a text from Micheal stating he was hungry and how about Mission BBQ. Well, ok then! Sounds perfect to me. Sat outside and ate on their patio, came home and walked Zach, (our dog).  I picked up our son Andrew  from work and enjoyed the rest of the night. It was the best! And did I mention it was 82 degrees and sunny with a light breeze outside? What a beautiful day!