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When You Become a Parent, You Suddenly Realize That Your Father Has Always Wanted Chocolate

All you have to do is make your children happy. Even if you should work three works, even if it means you haven’t bought a new perfume or mascara for years.

When you become a parent, all the things you had become unnecessary. Just as your parents needed nothing but your happiness.

When you become a parent, you suddenly realize that your father has always wanted chocolate.

That your mother also wanted a modern hairstyle, and that donut for breakfast, and that thick jacket that she really liked, but still chose the thinner one. It will be good, she said. You got that fat.

When you become a parent, you can’t remember the last time you bought strawberries for yourself, nor when you ate the last pancake on the plate. Maybe after 3 days, after making sure no one else loves her.

And then it occurred to you that your father only ate pancakes with marmalade. Or empty. Why didn’t he like chocolate pancakes? Probably to have more for you.

Was “I don’t want to, I’m not hungry” said by your mother’s mouth true or was she just afraid she cooked less?

Did your father like those pieces of meat, or did he just want you to eat the nicest piece?

Oh yes. All the answers suddenly coincide when you become a parent.

Even today, my mother, who is now a grandmother and I am an adult woman living in another city, cares every day do we have what we need.

And she is able to give everything she has, for us to be good. Yes, you are a child even when you grow up, as long as you have which child to be.

Do you remember when your father’s allegedly favorite meal was a sandwich and a cup of yogurt, and you had choices for more snacks daily?

Do you remember that you was always allowed to take chocolate instead of a change, even though honestly, the change would be good for them?

They didn’t want you to notice when they have and when they don’t have money. For you, they always have.

Maybe you are one of those parents who will always say that they have everything they want, they don’t need more.

But, I will give you an example:

Last banana in the basket. You would take it, but it crosses your mind that maybe the child will want a fruit salad in half an hour. You leave the banana.

You get an orange, there are more of them. You don’t want bananas anyway. Just like your father didn’t like chocolate.

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