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Things We Inherit From Our Parents

Except the appearance, children from parents inherit specific characteristics and particular skills.

A list of 25 things that according to psychologists and scientists, your child may inherit from you or the partner you choose:

  1. Insomnia – If mother suffers from insomnia, the child’s chances of succeeding insomnia are big.
  2. Tendency to cheat – Supposedly, there is a gene that in some research was found in several people who cheated, and it is inherited.
  3. Driving Problems – The genotype for poor driving skills is also inherited, research says.
  4. The expression on the face.
  5. Anxiety when visiting a dentist.
  6. Pain tolerance.
  7. Level of dopamine secretion – the hormone of pleasure.
  8. Craving caffeine
  9. Relationships and communication with other people.
  10. The habit of postponing commitments for later.
  11. Risk aversion and fearlessness.
  12. Optimism.
  13. Empathy.
  14. Sneezing when you look at the sun.
  15. Having trust.
  16. Good dream.
  17. Increased sweating.
  18. Musical taste.
  19. Predisposition to diabetes.
  20. Aggressiveness.
  21. Sports talent.
  22. Intellectual ability.
  23. Slow or rapid aging.
  24. Addiction to salty foods.
  25. Addiction to sweet foods.

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