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A True Hero Till The End: The World Says Goodbye To The “Doctor Of The Poor”

Millions of people around the world are saying goodbye to Dr. Mohamed Mashali, dubbed the “Doctor of the Poor.”

Until his death at the age of 76, an Egyptian doctor was helping the poorest.

“I swore to God that I would not take money from a poor person and would stay in my clinic to help the poor people,” – he said.

Mohamed himself grew up in unenviable conditions, but a specific tragedy determined his life path.

In an interview, he said: “There was a 10-year-old child with diabetes from a very poor family. “When he asked his mother for insulin, she told him she could not afford to buy it because she only had money for dinner to feed the other children.”

The child set himself on fire so as not to be a burden to the family, and Mohamed was by his side in the last moments of his life. “The child died and it was a big tragedy. “That incident really affected me and made me the Doctor of the Poor,” – he explained.

For decades, patients paid only a token amount for treatment at Mohamed’s clinic, and sometimes took no money at all and even provided free medicine.

Despite financial difficulties in educating his children, he kept his promise to the end.

When the story of his humanity spread throughout Egypt, many offered to donate for him, but he refused with the explanation: “I refuse donations and advise them to offer donations to the poor. “I do not need donations, give them to homeless children.”

Mohamed’s death has prompted many comments on social media emphasizing his kindness and devotion.

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