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13 Little Things You Do Not Appreciate Enough Until You Become A Mother

Who can resist those happy couples who hold hands while their child runs around them with a smile? But as much as motherhood is a noble work that brings wonderful moments and a reason to live, it is also a grueling 24-hour activity that requires sacrifice.

Once you become a mother, your life will change forever. You will no longer have all the freedom in the world, to have the luxury of putting your needs first and making spontaneous decisions … at least not in the first years of your baby. You will miss many things that you used to have but did not appreciate.

Go through the list of “small luxuries” that you will appreciate much more in the months after you hear the first cry of your greatest joy. If you are in a blissful state, do not skip any sub-points.

  1. The wise words of your mother.

Your mother’s advice will sound more powerful when you have your own child. You will look for her advices. Your respect for the people who raised you will increase. You will realize that they knew much more than you thought.

     2. Flying through the door only with keys in hand.

When you become a mother, you will not be able to cross the threshold without a huge baby bag full of everything and without a detailed plan. You will not be able to simply grab the keys and go for a walk or drive alone, without having an end destination in mind.

      3. The opportunity to break the Guinness record in the longest shower.

Alone, with no small heads peeking through the door or screams telling you that time “for yourself” is over. Take a long shower before you give birth. Carefully wash each lock of hair, then put on a revitalizing mask, shave your feet … enjoy the shower until you run out of all the hot water.

      4. Going to the toilet with the door closed / locked.

It will be several years after the birth before you can afford that luxury again while you are at home alone with your little one.

      5. All day movie marathon.

All day for you, folded in a blanket, in front of the TV, with a huge plate of popcorn in front of you. Once you become a parent, you will desperately miss it.

      6. Wearing jewelry without fear.

Before giving birth, wear earrings without fear that your ears will be torn off or necklaces without the fear of having to spend all day collecting pearls and beads, as a small creature can find them and swallow them.

     7. Read hundreds of pages of an interesting book.

When you become a mother, you will miss the uninterrupted reading of one of those books that do not allow you to left them without reading another chapter, and another, and another … The marathon reading will seem to you as a real luxury.

    8 . The naps.

When you are a parent 24/7, naps will seem like a precious gift. Closing your eyes, even if only for 15 minutes, will seem like a vacation to the Maldives.

    9. Carefree meetings with friends immediately after work.

Soon after entering parental waters, even if you can afford the luxury of drinking coffee with your best friend or going out to lunch with colleagues, you will probably feel guilty for not being at home to make your little one his favorite dinner, to read him and get him ready for bed.

    10. Listening to the silence.

You may not know how to enjoy the silence now, but when your daily routine is a mix of baby cries, loud battery toys and boring baby tunes, you will appreciate it more than ever.

    11. Eating a hot meal with kitchen utensils, from a sitting position.

In the first months after giving birth, you will rarely enjoy hot meals or reheat meals several times. It will often happen to you to eat with your hands, from standing position.

    12. Endless phone calls.

Long (sometimes pointless) phone conversations with your loved ones will become an impossible mission when you have a small baby / child by your side.

     13. Spontaneous adventurous journey.

Young children often do not allow spontaneous decisions. You can not just fill your bag, grab your passport and go with your loved one on an unforgettable weekend or a crazy trip with friends.

Once you become a mother you will miss all these things, but the gifts of motherhood will be more than enough of a substitute for them. You will not want to trade the time you spend with your child for anything in the world.

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