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13 Signs That You Are Too Kind To People

Sometimes kindness can go in a negative direction, and you will notice that if you constantly apologize for all the little things.

What 13 characteristics have people who are too kind?

  1. Constantly give compliments to others, with admiration.
  2. They give long and chaotic answers.
  3. Eye contact lasts too long, as if seeking approval.
  4. They do not know how to say no.
  5. Use too many superlatives.
  6. They adjust their attitude according to the person they are talking to.
  7. They apologize for things that are not really needed.
  8. They often touch people while talking.
  9. They are always adjusting.
  10. They rarely speak and are afraid of saying something wrong
  11. They are always politically correct, for every topic and situation.
  12. They clean the table while the others are still eating.
  13. They deny the compliments they receive.

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